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About Our Book Covers


Book Cover Overview

The original cloth book cover was designed for readers of romance novels who wanted to preserve their reading privacy. Our beautiful, long-wearing, and washable fabric book covers are designed to protect your books and your reading privacy. Our covers are available in five sizes to hold paperbacks, hard-cover books, Bibles, and the new 1/2" taller premium paperback recently introduced by publishers. Each of our book covers are cut, sewn and finished in the USA.

With a wide variety of sizes and patterns, along with our moderate pricing, our book covers make for the perfect gift to anyone who loves to read.

Our attractive, fabric book covers protect your reading privacy and allow you to enjoy your book without listening to someone make comments or tell you about those chapters you haven't yet read.

If you enjoy boating, fishing, luxuriating at the pool and beach, and reading in the hot tub or bath, our foam-lined, printed, cloth book covers will help protect your book from water splashes and wet hands.

The soft foam lining makes your book easier to hold and can extend your reading time and comfort. This feature is especially popular among readers with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or other medical conditions associated with hand ailments, that can make holding a book for long hours difficult.

The tab closure uses a special medical-grade hook & loop that is much less scratchy and keeps your book tightly closed while in your handbag or briefcase. No more mangled book pages when you are commuting or traveling, and the colorful ribbon bookmark dependably keeps your place. Our book covers will add ounces, not pounds, to your suitcase. Their light-weight construction holds shipping costs down to less than most gifts that are purchased online.

High-Quality Book Cover Design and Construction

Our lovely, durable book covers are sewn by professional seamstresses using industrial sewing machines that sew 5 times faster than home sewing machines with 5 times the power. These industrial sewing machines are needed because the outer seams are triple sewn for incredible strength. In creating the outer seams, these machines must go through 5 layers of fabric plus ¼” foam. The typical home sewing machine’s motor would quickly burn out from the strain, and it would take 5 times longer to sew each cover.

When we lay out the fabric for cutting, we lay two to three yards of fabric out flat on an industrial cutting table and stack up to 100 layers of fabric on top of each other.  We then use an industrial fabric saw to cut the fabric, which will yield several thousand pieces for various book cover sizes. The covers are cut from different areas of 44" to 60" wide cloth, so every book cover will vary slightly from the photos on the website. Occasionally the piping and ribbon color will change depending on the supplier but will always be coordinated with the color scheme of the printed fabric.

Your Satisfaction Is Our 1st Priority!

We unconditionally guarantee that you will be happy with your book covers, or you may return them, for any reason, within 60 days for exchange, store credit or a full refund. Please include your name and address with the returned cover, and specify whether you would prefer a refund or store credit.

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee your satisfaction with our book covers.
You may return any cover at any time within 60 Days for
your choice of exchange, store credit or refund.

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