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Hidden Secrets Book Cover is a family-owned business in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We make five sizes of fabric book covers that we sell to retail customers on our website and wholesale to bookstores and other businesses around the world.

Hidden Secrets manufactures soft, foam-lined & hand-crafted, fabric book covers for paperbacks, hardcover books and Bibles. Our colorful, moderately-priced, fabric book covers make wonderful gifts for book lovers. Avid readers love the hook & loop closure, ribbon bookmark, and the way the covers protect your books and preserve their reading privacy.

Our covers are cut and sewn in New Mexico. Most of the beautiful fabrics we use are not made in America, so we cannot say "Made in USA”. However, Hidden Secrets has been sewing book covers entirely in the USA since the 1990’s. Our covers are truly “Manufactured In The USA”. We bring employment to New Mexico, and we use products sold to us by American businesses.

Demand has been so strong from areas where we have no local retailer that we felt a need to add online shopping in order to reach everyone. We encourage our retail customers who live near a retailer to visit that store. The Find a Retailer page will show all of the stores in your state that sell our book covers.

If you prefer to shop online, you can begin your online order here:

If you’re looking for a specific book cover size, you’ll find all of our book covers sorted by the ‘patterns available in each size’ within the ‘Shop By Book Cover Size’ category links to your upper-left.

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A History of Hidden Secrets

Our original book cover was designed by a woman in Utah who had made a cover for her own use. In the 1990’s she took it with her to a Romantic Times Magazine convention. People saw her book cover and raved about it. Several bookstore owners asked if she would make some for their stores. Romantic Times Magazine reviews romance novels, and so the name ‘Hidden Secrets’ was born. 

Popularity grew to the point that the original owner could not keep up with demand, and she sold the company to friends of ours in 2001. The new owners created a website and sold online to wholesale customers, like bookstores and gift shops. In 2004 they decided to retire and sell the company.

Having been a real estate appraiser for 32 years, I saw what was coming in the mortgage lending industry and real estate, and did not want to go through what would have been my fourth market crash. My wife and I loved the covers, so I closed my appraisal business and bought Hidden Secrets in February 2004.

When we bought the company, the covers were only sold wholesale to bookstores. We were receiving many calls from readers who wanted our book covers, but they did not live near a bookstore that sold them. So in 2006 we started selling retail through our website.

The original website (as the story goes) was developed by the ‘cousin of a nephew once removed’ who had just completed a class in “Front Page” software for websites. The site was very limited and had a number of problems. When we expanded the site to accept online retail orders, we moved the website files into Dreamweaver. There were many improvements made, but it was still built from the original programming, and was both limited and a bit confusing for our users.

We have now redesigned and launched our new website using a state-of-the-art, fully integrated ecommerce system, with top-level security compliance built in. We hope that you find the new system much simpler to understand and much more user friendly in serving your needs.

We now sell our covers worldwide and have distributors in Australia and Europe. With the new website software system and with recent changes to the United States Post Office’s international postage options, we are much more able to sell to customers in other countries because of more affordable shipping costs.

So that’s our story, and we hope you enjoy both your book covers and your shopping experience.

We guarantee that you will be happy with your book covers, or you may return them within 60 days for a full refund.

Your Online Shopping Privacy and Security

We believe in protecting both your reading and personal privacy. Hidden Secrets will never release any information about you to a third party. Our secure payment processing system deletes your credit card information once the order is shipped. That means that your information is not kept on our computers, and it won't be stolen by a hacker. 

Privacy Statement

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee your satisfaction with our book covers.
You may return any cover at any time within 60 Days for
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If you have any comments or questions, you can email us through our Contact Us page or call us toll free at: 800-544-9257