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Bible/Hardback Book Cover Size


Our 'Bible/Hardback' size is designed to handle most Study Bibles. It also holds hardcover books that may be too large or thick to fit in our 6x9 Hardback book cover size.

This book cover size is uniquely designed with a more durable fabric for larger, heavier books. The cotton print fabrics we normally use are not strong enough to support the weight of these larger books.

This uniquely-designed cover comes with two bookmarks, two pockets and carrying handles for your convenience.

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Bible/Hardback category.

Book size:
Holds most Study Bibles and many larger hardcover books, up to:

6¼" (wide) x 9⅜" (tall) and up to about 2½" (thick) or about 900 pages of standard paper.
With flexibility for book sizes at less than these dimensions.

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Bible / Hardback Book Cover Size


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