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Hi! I’m Bob Mize, and I manufacture Hidden Secrets Book Covers. People love our beautiful covers because they protect your books and protect your reading privacy. The soft, foam-lined covers make your book easier and more comfortable to hold, which is especially important to readers with hand problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis. They protect your books from wet hands and splashes when you are at the beach, poolside, boating, or soaking in a hot tub.

Our covers are perfect for commuters, frequent flyers, and parents waiting for their kids’ appointments or practice session. The tab keeps your book tightly closed and safe when you carry it. Stop mangling your books if you carry them in your purse, brief case, or luggage. No more nosey people asking about your book or telling you how it ends when all you want is to be left alone to read. The covers even have a built-in place marker that does not fall out or get lost.

We are a small, family-owned business and we manufacture our cloth book covers right here in the United States. … and … we constantly get good comments about their quality.

We offer over 60 colorful patterns for 5 different sizes of books. We sell our cloth book covers to book lovers on our website, and to Independent Bookstores worldwide.

If you are a book lover looking to buy for yourself, or buying them as a gift, click the Order Individual Book Covers Online button.

If you are a business with a business license wanting to learn more about these great selling book covers and how to order them, click the Bookstore & Businesses Ordering for Stock button.

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