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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us...

I enjoy these covers so much. I have given them for gifts as thank-you, get-well thoughts and just thinking of you. They are so cheerful to see when reading. I like the phone number on the cover, so when someone wants to know about them you can pass the info on to them.

--- Barbara A. Delano, Hemet, CA

 I have a lot of your mass market covers and love them. My friends have received some as gifts from me and they think they are adorable. Best book covers on the market.

--- Laura L. Brown, Germantown, Tennessee

 I have long enjoyed the pleasure of having your beautiful covers on my books. They save the book so much. Everyone I see seems to want one, so I am getting a few for presents. Thanks.

--- Mary Jane Holt, Alexandria, Virginia



I have been recommending Hidden Secrets Book Covers since 2004, as a therapeutic device for my clients with hand problems. I also recommend their usage to MDs, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors in my international orthopedic lectures on hand injuries. I have found that using these covers reduces stress and pain for my clients that are suffering from hand problems like carpal tunnel & tendonitis. I use the book covers myself, and I give them for presents to family members and friends who have hand problems.
--- Dr. Nancy North, DC, CCSP, CCEP, Albuquerque, NM

 I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your book covers and how well made they are. I know I will enjoy them for a long time.

--- Teriann Asami, Pinole, CA

 I received my book cover today and I just have to tell you, it exceeds my expectations! I love it, it's very high quality and exactly what I was looking for.

--- Patricia Griffith, Elizabethtown, KY

 I first came across your book covers at a Romantic times book convention I think in Reno several years ago and have used it ever since. I bought one for a friend and she loved hers as well. We exchange books all the time and it keeps them in great condition and also doesn't let anyone else get nosy about whatever type of book we read. She has since ordered another for both her and me. I just ordered one in three different sizes and am pleased with the variety. Thanks for making such a great product!

--- Jeannie Fayard, Westminister, CO

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with our book covers. You may return your book cover any time, and for any reason, within 60 Days for your choice of exchange, store credit or a full refund. Your satisfaction is our 1st priority.

 I bought 1 of your covers at the Romantic Times Convention in Dayton and I love it! Now I need more. These are the greatest invention. Thank you!

--- Mary M., Cocoa, Florida.

 I just received the book cover I ordered from you and I LOVE it.  My last book cover, a Vera Bradley, was in rags and held to gather by electrical tape.  I had had it for years and Vera Bradley doesn't make them anymore.  So until a week or so ago I didn't think to go online and find another supplier.  I am so glad I found your website.  Thank you.  Your book cover is much better made than the one from Vera Bradley.  You can be sure I'll be back for more.

Again, thank you for being there when I needed you.
--- Virginia Roman, Stevens Point, WI

book-lover-ii-book-cover-130.jpg Hi: My name is Jeanne Sellers and I have had the good fortune to discover you. I cannot read a book unless it is covered by one of your cat or skulls or whatever I chose for the read. When I received your flier and found that you also carry hard cover book covers, it was music to my ears. Many times I have walked into a bookstore, ( and I do that often), looking for your covers but they are not in Barnes and Noble or Daltons or any of the stores in Atlanta. These bookstores are missing giving their customers the pleasure of cuddling a new book in one of your great designs.

I think I found out about you when you were in the beginning of your successful business and I wish you well. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me.
--- Jeanne Sellers, Atlanta, GA

    NOTE: Hidden Secrets Book Covers® are sold to your local, independently owned bookstores, and not to corporate chains. When you buy locally, the money stays at home.

 I am enclosing the addresses and phone numbers of two book stores near us I am sure Books a Million does not have your covers and pretty sure that Borders doesn't either. I also want to tell you that attaching your phone number and website to the book covers was a great idea, because I was able to give people both when I was at the doctors or wherever reading my books.

You might want to tell these bookstores if they buy them they should display them at the entrance to the store with one of the covers on a book, so they will catch the customer's eye right away. I hope they will buy them, because I like your covers very much and use them all the time, and always get compliments on them.
--- Bonnie J. Mackens, Clarksville, TN

 I just received my new book cover (for mass market paperbacks). Wow! It's so nicely made and I LOVE the book marker. I am constantly misplacing my marker and end up dog earing the page. What a great product and it came so fast, I just ordered it. Next time I go by my two small UBS's I will show them this great little cover to see if they would be interested.

Some book covers are just over the top and embarrassing. I've chosen not to buy a book that got good reviews just because of the cover. This takes care of the problem.
--- Pam Branum, Selma, TX

 I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your book covers and how well made they are. I know I will enjoy them for a long time.

--- Teriann Asami, Pinole, CA

    When Chris Ferrell received a Hidden Secrets book cover as a gift, she proclaimed "I CAN READ AGAIN! Multiple sclerosis had made holding a paperback so painful that she had given up reading books. The soft book cover was easy to hold, with no pain. She immediately bought additional covers in each size.

 Great gift for the avid readers and book lovers in your life.
The picture does not do the book cover justice. It is very well made with quality fabric. It is well-designed, sturdy, and attractive. It is perfect for protecting paperbacks during my daily commute on the subway. I am a fan of the cat print, but there is a choice for every taste. Note to booksfree dot com customers: it is a great way to protect those well-loved books we rent.
--- Judy Siegel

shimmering-bamboo-display-1.jpg Great book cover!
Purchased this item to protect some of my trade sized softcover books. Made right here in the USA, it's constructed very well, fits the books well and even has a ribbon "book marker" built right in. It's washable and comes in some cute patterns to choose from. The velcro closure allows one to use it for thicker books also. I recommend this cover and I don't think you'll be disappointed.
--- Pepper

 Great Book Cover!!!!!!!!
This is a very nice book cover. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading. I like it because no one can see what you are reading. It is very well made and I will be ordering more for gifts and the cover is real pretty...
--- Roslyn Nelson

 Fit trade paperback perfectly. I have been looking for a great book cover for some time. This well made soft comfortable cover is a plus for me. I just ordered another I liked it so much.
--- DAP

 This is my second purchase from this seller in about 2 weeks. I liked the first one so much I had to have another. High quality book cover fits perfect, very comfortable to hold the book in your hands. Had tried other covers but never fit. And you can wash them - they send instructions. You wont be disappointed great book cover. Very Pleased :)
--- DAP

With a wide variety of sizes and patterns, along with our moderate pricing, our book covers make for the perfect gift to anyone who loves to read.

 I was very pleased with the look of this book cover, but disappointed when it didn't fit a paperback book within the listed dimensions. I sent a message to the seller, who immediately replaced it with one that does fit perfectly. He explained that the covers are hand sewn, with minor variations. The customer service was so prompt, generous and kind that the problem actually increased my confidence in the company.

I'm using the cover to hide books on Alzheimer's, so that I and the paid caregiver can have the books handy without causing any alarm. It's understandable that many people with Alzheimer's hate to be reminded of it. Yet it's important that the people around them continue to learn more about Alzheimer's and about caregiving skills. This book cover will be a great help.
--- Catherine J. Morgan, Clarkesville, GA

 I have been using these covers for over 17 years. My father bought me my first one and then kept me in covers until I found another retailer who had them then drove and hour and a half to find out the woman had 2 of the same ones. I wrote to Hidden Secrets and they have ever since then sent me covers because there is no retailers close to my area. They are wonderful gifts and take a beating from me but they last!
--- Joann Giddinge, Billerica, MA

 Cute Book Cover -- This book cover is made of quality cloth. It fits snuggly to a standard paperback book. I love that it has a book mark made in it. I will be buying more from this seller.
--- Michelle B.

 Works well, packaged nicely, arrived on time and well worth the cost.
--- Frances Anderson, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

 Love the book covers! Very comfortable and light to hold, but durable and strong enough to protect your books from damage.
--- Antoinette Davis, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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Satisfaction Guarantee...

We guarantee your satisfaction with our book covers. You may return your book cover any time, and for any reason, within 60 Days for your choice of exchange, store credit or a full refund. Your satisfaction is our 1st priority.

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