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Trade (Taller/Wider) Paperback Book Cover Size

Our 'Trade (taller/wider) Paperback' size is for the larger paperback books that have been around for years.

These books are taller and wider than standard paperback novels, and may be either fiction or non-fiction. Our Trade Paperback book cover was designed for these taller/wider paperbacks, and will hold a range of sizes.

Please note: There are Trade-size books that are too large for this book cover size because they are either too tall or too thick. Those larger trade-size paperbacks will usually fit well in our '6x9 Hardback' Size book cover.

You can browse all patterns available for this size within our:
Trade (taller/wider) Paperback category.

Book size:
Holds most non-fiction paperbacks, and taller/wider paperback novels, up to:

5¼" (wide) x 8½" (tall) and up to about 1" (thick)
With flexibility for book sizes at less than these dimensions.

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